Microsoft PowerPoint Equipped with Task Management Feature

    Microsoft PowerPoint, a widely used presentation application, is reportedly stepping up its collaborative features by rolling out a new enhancement. According to a report published in Neowin, the latest update, available for Windows, Mac, and the web, introduces an advanced task management system that empowers users to seamlessly create, assign, and resolve tasks without leaving PowerPoint. This feature, currently being tested by Microsoft 365 Insiders, is designed to streamline collaboration within PowerPoint.

    The report expects this new feature to address the collaborative challenges users face while preparing presentations for sharing and presenting. 

    According to the report, to ensure a streamlined process and augment teamwork, Microsoft has designed the workflow of the newly introduced feature highly intuitively. By opening an existing PowerPoint presentation and selecting “Insert > Comment,” users can initiate the task management process. When adding a comment, individuals can use the “@” mention to specify the task assignee. Selecting the “Assign to” checkbox not only generates a task but also triggers an email notification to the designated individual. 

    This approach streamlines collaboration efforts, ensuring clarity and progress tracking by enabling Insiders to mark tasks as resolved or deleted upon task completion right within the application. With tasks at the forefront, users can expect time-saving benefits and reduced confusion regarding task ownership and deadlines, which ultimately helps boost a team’s productivity. 

    The report confirms that Microsoft 365 Insiders using PowerPoint on Windows version 2212 (Build 16026.20084) or later can access the task management feature. It is also available on Mac version 16.69 (Build 23010700).

    According to the report, Microsoft has outlined plans for introducing further enhancements in PowerPoint. That includes the incorporation of long-requested features like due dates, titles, and the ability to assign tasks to multiple individuals. 

    More to add, as with any software rollout, Microsoft acknowledges the gradual release of features to ensure a seamless user experience. Features are gradually introduced and, in some cases, refined based on user feedback. The report highlighted the tech giant’s commitment to valuing its community’s feedback. It stated that Microsoft can retract a feature completely from a product if it receives negative feedback.

    Rolling out enhancements with PowerPoint based on customer feedback is part of the company’s effort to ensure a seamless slide creation and sharing experience. For example, recently, Microsoft has empowered PowerPoint users with the long-requested “co-authoring” feature, allowing multiple users to collaborate on a single presentation simultaneously. 

    PowerPoint has been equipped with PowerPoint Designer – an AI-powered tool that assists users in revamping the visual appeal of their presentations. However, despite such high-end features, creating professional-looking slides in the software sometimes feels tedious. 

    PowerPoint lacks some types of charts and graphical elements professionals frequently use, and there is minimal automatic placement. As a result, users need to take the manual approach that makes the process of creating PowerPoint presentations highly arduous and time-consuming.

    Users looking to create professional-looking PowerPoint presentations with stunning charts may need to invest in PowerPoint add-ins such as think-cell. High-end PowerPoint add-ins automate most PowerPoint tasks, which can enhance the efficiency and calibre of slide creation.

    However, with the new task management feature, PowerPoint is committed to solidifying its position as a versatile collaborative tool, empowering users to efficiently create, assign, and manage tasks from within their presentations. As Microsoft continues to innovate, users can anticipate further improvements that enhance their collaborative workflows.

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