S/4HANA Transformation: Protera Discusses the Role of SAP Migration Cockpit 

    Protera, a global SAP® Partner, urges SAP-centric businesses to leverage class-leading automation tools along with SAP Migration Cockpit for a smooth S/4HANA migration.

    Reliable and efficient data migration is critical to successfully implementing a new SAP system.

    The SAP Migration Cockpit is a key tool in ensuring a successful data migration process. A central control repository, the SAP S/4 Migration Cockpit helps enterprises efficiently execute SAP HANA transitions and upgrades from legacy SAP and non-SAP systems.

    Due to SAP sunsetting its mainstream support for SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) solution in 2027, enterprises are being pushed to migrate to the S/4HANA environment.

    Even though S/4HANA is a rewrite of the predecessor SAP ECC, it’s a completely new system, which means migrating to SAP S/4HANA is a complex process requiring businesses to convert their legacy ERP data into a format that’s interpretable by S/4HANA.

    With predefined migration objects, Migration Cockpit helps pinpoint and transfer business-critical data for a more streamlined S/4HANA transition. 

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    “Mapping is a system of rules that tell the SAP Migration Cockpit how to reorganize and reformat data for S/4HANA,” explains a spokesperson from Protera. “The data itself doesn’t change, but individual entries are—for example, if you had two vendor records and two customer records for one company, the system would combine all that data into a single business partner record, containing all the addresses and other data in those four records.”

    By automating data migration and walking users through the process, the SAP Migration Cockpit offers in-depth insight into their progress. 

    That said, even though Migration Cockpit aims to help businesses effortlessly implement their new SAP systems by minimizing conventional issues, it does have some shortfalls. 

    SAP Migration Object may not be the most viable option for enterprises with custom fields in specific business objects—for tools specific to a company, the SAP Migration Cockpit system is not capable of moving custom fields to S/4HANA by default. 

    Due to these custom fields failing to map to a standard S/4HANA configuration, enterprises need to add custom fields in their SAP S/4HANA system. 

    Plus, they may need to create transformation rules for Migration Cockpit. 

    According to Protera, before enterprises move their data to S/4HANA, they must build their own landscape following a string of steps—multiple cycles of planning, building, validation, and refining.

    Combined with third-party automation tools, SAP Migration Cockpit can ensure a S/4HANA transformation journey that is efficient, non-disruptive, and cost-optimized, the company explains.

    By helping spot custom codes, determine processing power requirements for a new S/4HANA system, and figure out upgrade dependencies, automation tools like Protera FlexBridge enable faster S/4HANA transition.

    Serving as a central system for all migration tools a business requires, FlexBridge predicts migration timelines while also helping automate critical processes such as quality control and project management.

    Built on 15+ years of SAP expertise, Protera Flexbridge is a high-end SAP digital transformation solution that ensures a company’s S/4HANA journey goes without a hitch.

    Interested parties can learn more about Protera’s guide to SAP Migration Cockpit by visiting

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