Quantagonia Updates HybridSolver and Hybrid Quantum Platform

    As part of its Summer 2022 release, Quantagonia is pleased to announce industry-first feature and performance enhancements to its HybridSolver and Hybrid Quantum Platform.

    This release is intended to help businesses reap the benefits of quantum-inspired algorithms by enabling them to formulate and maintain mathematical optimization decision models more easily, solve them more quickly, and comprehend the quality of a given solution better.

    HybridSolver Latest Updates and Enhancements

    Quantagonia’s HybridSolver (for MIP, LP, and QUBO math optimization models) now offers the first-ever ability to 1) determine the quality (optimality) of a QUBO model’s solution and 2) formulate a binary model with constraints as a MIP model and then solve it as a QUBO model for potentially significant performance gains.

    In addition, this release improves the QUBO solving speed of HybridSolver by an average of 4X compared to the previous release.

    Enhanced Hybrid Quantum Platform

    In addition to supporting the capabilities of HybridSolver, Quantagonia’s Hybrid Quantum Platform can now process up to 500 jobs concurrently. In addition, this release enables real-time feedback on the solution’s progress when solving in the cloud. This is particularly useful when creating or refining models with lengthy solution times.

    facilitating enterprises’ resolution of difficult business problems with the aid of quantum-inspired technology

    Significant advancements in quantum-inspired algorithms, methods for leveraging today’s high-performance computers, and rapidly emerging quantum computing technology provide businesses with vast opportunities to gain a competitive edge.

    Nonetheless, the task of ensuring that a company has the necessary skill sets and IT infrastructure to take advantage of these rapid advancements becomes significantly more complicated as a result.

    The mission of Quantagonia is to reduce this complexity, facilitate access, and increase the return on investment in decision modelling capabilities.

    The CEO of Quantagonia, Dirk Zechiel, remarked, “We are very pleased with this release and the important market needs it fulfils.” Using quantum-related advancements on today’s high-performance computers, our customers will be able to solve difficult business problems more quickly and affordably.

    HybridSolver and Hybrid Quantum Platform

    HybridSolver is a component of Quantagonia’s cloud-native, SaaS, Hybrid Quantum Platform (HQP).

    HQP, which is designed to support artificial intelligence/machine learning, simulation, and optimization models, enables businesses to optimally solve their decision models across available algorithms and classical and quantum hardware.

    This provides businesses with a path to quantum computing without having to rewrite their code or models.

    About Quantagonia

    Quantagonia, which was founded by Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Pokutta, Dirk Zechiel, and Philipp Hannemann, enables hybrid quantum-classical computing via its Hybrid Quantum Platform, delivering benefits on today’s high-performance computers with seamless migration to quantum computers as these continue to evolve.

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