Reasons for a Business to Conduct a Cyber Security Strategy Review on a Routinely Basis

    Carl Mazzanti, President of eMazzanti Technologies and a NYC area cyber security specialist, outlines why firms should do frequent cyber security plan assessments in a new piece on the NJBIZ website. The educational post first describes how Microsoft was recently hacked, claiming that it will happen to every firm soon.

    Mazzanti then goes over the procedures that corporate executives should take to discover how a breach occurred. He then suggests doing frequent cyber security policy assessments to avoid future assaults. He ends with a three-pronged strategy to cyber security that includes security controls, security incident event monitoring, and automated reaction and backup.

    “In addition to utilizing the outside expertise of a vetted MSP, a business should ensure that its entire staff undergoes cyber security awareness training,” stated Mazzanti. “Training mitigates the tendency to click unknown links or download potentially dangerous files.”

    One of the highlights of the post, is the mention of how the bad guys are coming. In March, tech giant Microsoft announced that the extortion and destruction threat DEV-0537, also known as LAPSUS$, penetrated one of its accounts. Although only a single account was compromised, “granting limited access,” the attack highlights that getting hacked is a matter of when not if.

    Other excerpts of the article are as follows:
    “One of the first post-hack steps is determining how the cybercriminals got into your system. This involves a cyber-forensic strategy. Sometimes the weakness is obvious—an employee admits that they clicked on a link without authenticating it. Other times, however, the threat may not be as subtle.”

    “The wake-up call that arrives with a cyber-penetration should motivate a company to review its cybersecurity strategy. Even if the current attack is contained, preventing the next one should be a priority. Reviewing cybersecurity strategies should be done regularly, but many fail to do so.”

    “A well-organized Managed Services Provider (MSP) or other IT services organization will offer a layered, three-legged “triangle” approach to cybersecurity. The first leg incorporates preventative controls such as keeping software patches up to date, having good antivirus programs, setting up effective firewalls, and using multifactor authentication.”

    Enterprise-Level Security Aimed at Small Businesses

    A hacker is never enjoyable. However, if an organisation utilises it as a catalyst to strengthen its cyber-defenses, then at the very least something good is gained. Even small organisations may benefit from enterprise-class security with eMazzanti Technologies’ Multi-Factor Authentication, Dark Web Monitoring, and Free Cyber Security Assessments.

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