Rencore Publishes Guide on How to Achieve Full Microsoft 365 Visibility

    Rencore, a provider of award-winning software for governing Microsoft 365, has released a free guide titled “Complete visibility across Microsoft 365” today.

    The whitepaper examines why visibility is essential for governance, cost reduction, and security and lays out a framework of best practises for the collection, evaluation, and utilisation of data from a single source of truth.

    Microsoft 365 has been adopted by businesses to facilitate collaboration in the era of remote and hybrid work.

    Rapid adoption of Microsoft 365 services such as Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Azure AD (Active Directory), and Power Platform, to name a few, has led to an increase in the number of employees using the tools of their choice throughout the enterprise.

    While empowering users in this manner is essential for optimal collaboration to get work done, this self-service approach adds to the long list of obstacles for those responsible for managing governance, compliance, and security.

    More activity and data on the platform may increase security risks, governance errors, and out-of-control Microsoft 365 operating expenses.

    As Microsoft 365 adoption continues to rise, it becomes more difficult to discern the collaboration footprint left behind, making it more challenging to make sound governance decisions.

    Traditional methods make complete visibility for IT administrators and security managers impossible. Consequently, a new strategy based on an automated and centralised approach is required to accommodate the expansion of business collaboration.

    Matthias Einig, Co-Founder and CEO of Rencore, stated, “A centralised approach to viewing data provides greater visibility over every moving part in your Microsoft 365 tenant.”

    This whitepaper provides a framework based on best practises to assist you in developing a modern governance strategy for your Microsoft cloud infrastructure.

    Monitoring and reporting data must be simple, efficient, and precise. The whitepaper explores further how third-party software can be the missing piece that makes IT administrators’ and security professionals’ workloads more manageable and maximises Microsoft 365 investments by automating processes via a centralised portal.

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