Rootstock Software®Announce the First Customer Conference: “2022 True Customer Success”

    A global supplier of cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions announced the launch of its first client conference earlier today. Its conference, “Rooted-In Customer Success,” will take place in Austin, Texas, from May 2nd to May 4th. The event will bring together hundreds of Rootstock Cloud ERP customers from a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain. The conference’s primary objective is to provide all Rootstock Cloud ERP users with the information necessary to manage both the obstacles and possibilities that lie ahead.

    This three-day event is designed specifically for Rootstock customers and their business objectives. Along with educational sessions, panel discussions and case studies are included. President David Stephans, VP of Product and Technology Ramesh Sunder, and Senior Director of Product Marketing Stu Johnson are among the keynote speakers for Rootstock Software. Additionally, Chad Wright, Chief Information Officer at Boston Dynamics; Chad Lowman, Director, Corporate Business Systems, and Tyler Godsy, Corporate Controller at Fike; and Andrew Russo, Chief Information Officer at BACA Systems are featured.

    “It’s an exciting time to launch our ‘Rooted-In’ conference,” said David Stephans, President of Rootstock Software. “With the worst parts of the pandemic perhaps behind us, economic indicators point to a promising path ahead. Supply chains, while still tight, are starting to flow more freely, and pandemic uncertainty is ebbing. In this climate, customers want to position themselves for success. The conference is well-timed to get them ahead of the curve and help them leverage our next-generation ERP and cloud platform to scale for growth, efficiency, and service.”

    “We’re thrilled to bring our customer community together and to shine a light on their triumphs,” said Praveena Khatri, VP of Marketing. “In the past few years, they’ve experienced historic shifts. Many had to innovate and reimagine their operations. We’re looking forward to bringing those stories to the stage and sharing them with a broader audience. A common thread in their success has been a modern ERP that helped them to rapidly facilitate strategic changes, support remote work, and accelerate business transformation.”

    “We want to empower customers to get to their next level of success,” said Ramesh Sunder, VP of Product and Technology. “Toward that end, we are continually building and innovating our cloud ERP platform solution. At the conference, we’ll provide attendees with a session that showcases our latest capabilities—many of which customers have piloted and put into play. And we’ll offer a sneak peek at upcoming release features on the Rootstock product roadmap.”

    Rootstock Cloud ERP Logo (Source: Rootstock Software)

    The conference offers Rootstock customers a front seat and unmatched opportunity to engage with peers and business leaders to discuss the latest trends, including the tight labour market, how automation is impacting manufacturing, and recent supply chain challenges along with learning how to put Rootstock ERP features to work across financial reporting, sales and operational analytics, purchasing, cost accounting, and more. The conference will allow for access to technical sessions on API integration, Salesforce Lightning, bots and AI and get people more acquainted with the latest Rootstock ERP features and product roadmap. Attendees can also take inspiration through the success stories presented directly by other Rootstock customers.

    Not only all of that, but the conference will also allow other users to meet with and build relationships with the Rootstock team and other customers, hear from Salesforce and leading experts about manufacturing and technology. To learn more about the Rooted-In customer conference, please visit:


    To assist manufacturers, distributors, and supply chain businesses adapt their operations digitally. Our solution is based on the Salesforce Platform, giving firms access to a simple, adaptable, and digitally linked ERP system. Our crew is highly skilled in manufacturing and committed to client satisfaction. We provide the training, product expertise, and support needed to customise Rootstock Cloud ERP. This complete package empowers companies to out-service competitors, simplify and grow processes, and create outstanding customer experiences. Keep an eye out for new customers, employment opportunities, and LinkedIn updates.

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