SAP Releases Enhanced Services and Incentives to Facilitate Cloud Migration for Enterprises

    To make the transition to cloud easier for SAP-centric businesses, SAP has unveiled a slew of products and services. Firstly, the company has rolled out the 2023 edition of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition. This new edition is equipped with enhanced functionality and features aligned with the legacy SAP ECC. It’s expected to draw more customers to move off the on-premise system and adopt the cloud infrastructure. The advanced functionality with the latest private edition is expected to help create a collaborative, intelligent, networked, and sustainable ERP system. 

    “The 2023 release of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition not only delivers the full capability scope of SAP ERP Central Component, it brings finance, manufacturing, operations, and suppliers into a single cloud platform with line-of-business applications based on the newest architecture,” Eric van Rossum, chief marketing and solutions officer, SAP Cloud ERP explained.

    Unlike the public edition, the latest S/4HANA cloud private edition doesn’t require a full reimplementation. With upgraded flexibility, the latest edition allows users to transition to the cloud gradually while still using their existing systems, according to SAP. 

    “Customers have the choice: They can go to public cloud right away, but it’s more disruptive to do it that way, or they can go on that multi-step journey,” van Rossum added.

    Secondly, the tech giant has released two incentives aiming at further encouraging S/4HANA cloud migration. One is the premium plus package for RISE with SAP, which empowers enterprises with “more tools to power faster, better decisions, and maximise the impact of AI across business processes.” The other is a program of services that can accelerate the migration process while minimising costs and operational disruptions.

    SAP highlighted the latest generative AI capabilities it rolled out with RISE’s premium plus package, with the recently launched copilot, Joule. Joule can instantly surface in-depth and smarter insights by drilling down and contextualising data from numerous systems.

    The advanced Finance feature of the premium plus package helps anticipate the risk of late payments. That enables enterprises to address their financial obligations on time.

    Sustainability lies at the forefront of the package. It helps enterprises embed carbon and environmental insights into their core business operations. Sustainability insights are brought to the customers through different applications like Sustainability Footprint Management and SAP Sustainability Control Tower. 

    Furthermore, as part of its long-standing strategy to ensure a streamlined migration tailored to each user’s unique requirements, SAP has introduced a conversion and modernisation program. SAP Customer Evolution kit is a significant feature of the program. It helps stakeholders with their digital transformation, offering one-on-one sessions with experts.

    That said, even though SAP released RISE with SAP to guide enterprises through their S/4HANA migration journey, users are urged to consult a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or SAP Basis expert such as Protera for a smooth transition. These experts handle the technical aspects of SAP infrastructure to enhance its overall efficiency, which complements the benefits of RISE with SAP.

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