Sendbird Announce Availability of New Unreal Engine In-Game Chat SDK

    Earlier today, a company known by the name of Sendbird announced the availability of its new SDK developed especially for users of Unreal Engine. Sendbird is a leading conversations platform for mobile applications when it comes to chat, voice and video. The new SDK that was released has been developed based on demand, since in-game chat has became an essential aspect when it comes to creating deeper connections and social experiences between players within a game. 

    Unreal Engine is the pinnacle in game development, being one of the leading engines available for developers and used by many companies ranging from A-list to indie developers. Created by Epic Games and showcased in 1998, Unreal Engine has become a powerhouse tool to develop games, boasting games such as Fortnite, BioShock, ARK and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order as users among many others.

    Sendbird first launched its Unreal chat integration for Krafton’s blockbuster game PUBG: NEW STATE, which had a total of 55 million pre-registrations, however now Senbird has become available for all Unreal developers seeking to enhance their in-game chat experience for its users. 

    Minkyu Park, Executive Producer of Krafton stated: “We partnered with Sendbird to provide our fans with in-game communication that we believe they will love,”

    “As casual gamers ourselves, we know the importance of delivering a killer in-app chat experience. We are excited to make this rich, social, and safe experience available to all game developers using the leading Unreal game Engine,” said Sendbird Co-founder and CEO John S. Kim. “Krafton has been an outstanding partner, helping to prove how well Unreal chat integration can work at massive scale.”

    The SDK enables extensive in-game communications in private and public channels for groups of any size, comprehensive moderation tools to keep communities safe, and real-time translation capabilities to link players worldwide.

    By adding support for the Unreal game engine in addition to Unity, Sendbird expands access to its market-leading communications platform, which is currently being used by industry giants such as Krafton, Pocket Gems, and Dream11 because to its scalability, performance, and dependability.

    Sendbird is the most established mobile app chat platform, trusted by industry heavyweights such as Krafton, Nexon, and Pocket Gems. We enable any business to simply integrate sophisticated chat, audio, and video experiences into its app in order to foster interactions with and among its users. Businesses can rapidly boost client engagement and retention with Sendbird while incurring substantially less development work or risk than they would if they built or maintained it themselves.

    The Sendbird Chat Unreal SDK is meant to be accessible to businesses of all sizes and is offered via a variety of subscription models, both paid and free. To join up for Sendbird’s chat plans and to test them out, please visit

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