SoulFire Health and Thorne HealthTech Cooperate Together

    SoulFire Health has partnered with Thorne HealthTech (NASDAQ: THRN), a pioneer in the development of new solutions for offering tailored approaches to health and well-being.

    Thorne will collaborate with SoulFIRE Health to target providers and health coaches working in chronic care, pre-condition management, and self-management programmes across the United States.

    Thorne is a leading provider of at-home testing and nutritional supplements, as well as a source of nutrition education and support.

    “As the globe confronts double-digit increases in chronic illness and food insecurity, new solutions are required,” says the CEO of 5th Dimension Strategies, Rebecca MacKinnon.

    “Health professionals and coaches are often hampered by inadequate tools and consumer-ready information, since previously existing patient journey handouts are few, if ever available.”

    “SoulFIRE and Thorne want to simplify current tools, particularly since evidence-based information is sometimes difficult to comprehend or lacks meaningful client assistance.”

    Thorne HealthTech is an industry leader in at-home testing, dietary assistance, and behavioural indicators.

    The SoulFIRE Health dietitian team lead by Erin Nugent, RDN and the content developers overseen by Lexi Burghart will combine and extend the extensive, high-quality Professional Toolkits and Consumer Journeys Collections. Laura Kunces, vice president of medical strategies at Thorne HealthTech, explains, “Thorne refuses to take quick routes.”

    “We invest in exhaustive testing, get ingredients of the highest quality, develop clean production procedures, and safeguard the environment.”

    “Our specialised products include of at-home health testing, nutritional supplements, and astounding scientific research. As a Registered Dietitian, I joined Thorne because I think we reinvent what it means to live better and longer.

    Regarding SoulFIRE Health. SoulFIRE Health delivers evidence-based digital material that is simple to use and understand for physicians and coaches supporting client diet and exercise choices.

    The platform provides communities, health practitioners, educators, and coaches with extensive information for addressing chronic illness, nutrition, and wellness issues.

    About Thorne HealthTech

    Thorne HealthTech is an industry leader in the development of new solutions for offering tailored approaches to health and wellness.

    Thorne, a science-driven wellness company that empowers individuals with the support, education, and solutions they need to achieve healthy ageing – living healthier for longer – utilises testing and data to improve product efficacy and deliver personalised solutions to consumers, health professionals, and corporations.

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