Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance Welcomes SoftIron Into the Family

    SoftIron, the market leader in purpose-built and performance-optimized data centre systems, has joined the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance, the company said today (SDIA).

    The SDIA is a platform that generates actual advantages for its members, designed as an authoritative source of industry experts and knowledge, and speeding a path for the digital industry to minimise its environmental footprint to as near to zero as possible.

    The SDIA is a network of over 100 non-profit organisations seeking to accelerate the transition to a sustainable digital infrastructure.

    Initiated in 2019, the Alliance unites all digital sector actors — from energy supplies and data centres to fibre-optic networks and software — on a mission to develop a sustainable digital economy and realise its Roadmap to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure by 2030.

    To limit its environmental impact, the SDIA community enables collaboration across the whole value chain in order to create a sustainable digital economy — from an environmental, economic, and social standpoint.

    Phil Straw, CEO and Co-founder of SoftIron, stated that the status quo for data centre hardware was unsustainable and fundamentally flawed for the demands of the future, affecting everything from energy use to supply chain obscurity and dependencies, and nearly every type of waste.

    SoftIron was founded to assist steer the industry in the correct direction, beginning at the root of the issue and working outward. SoftIron has thereby entirely reimagined and modernised the design, production, and delivery of data infrastructure in practically every respect.

    SoftIron has developed highly integrated data infrastructure solutions that optimise every part of the hardware and software architecture, resulting in considerable carbon footprint savings for businesses who use our solutions.

    We are pleased to share the SDIA’s mission and look forward to guiding the sector toward improved collaboration and more sustainable solutions for a greener future.

    SoftIron’s innovative approach to hardware design and manufacture for data infrastructure has us enthusiastic about the possibility of incorporating their unique knowledge and experience within our organisation, said SDIA Executive Chairman Daan Terpstra.

    SoftIron adds a new viewpoint to our working groups as a young startup seeking to disrupt the industry with revolutionary hardware solutions that minimise energy usage, heat, and space requirements.

    Together, we will develop new ideas and concepts that establish new industry standards and make climate-neutral data centres and digital infrastructure a reality.”

    Efforts to reduce carbon footprints

    Recently, SoftIron investor Earth Capital Ltd confirmed SoftIron’s position as the global leader in energy-efficient data infrastructure solutions for core-to-edge data centres.

    In a report titled “SoftIron Carbon Footprint Report 2022,” Earth Capital demonstrated how SoftIron helps its customers reduce their carbon footprints through the use of its highly integrated HyperDrive storage platform that dramatically reduces space and energy footprint, highlighting that the platform’s energy usage is “up to five times less than that of comparable appliances on the market.”

    The analysis indicates that for every 10 PB of data storage shipped by SoftIron, about 292 tonnes of CO2e are avoided due to lower energy consumption. (1) One tonne of CO2e is prevented from being discharged into the atmosphere for every 34 terabytes of HyperDrive that is installed.

    This is the carbon reduction equal of driving an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle 722,322 miles (compared to 32,744 gallons of gasoline consumed).

    The report also highlights the reductions in heat that SoftIron’s appliances are able to achieve due to their reduced energy consumption, stating that “SoftIron appliances produce up to 80 percent less heat than the industry standard, thereby drastically reducing emissions associated with data centre cooling.”

    SoftIron®: About

    SoftIron manufactures the products that will support the subsequent evolution of IT infrastructure.
    Our plan is unprecedented.

    Having complete control over the design and production of platforms optimised for specific open source software, our highly integrated systems decrease space and energy consumption while delivering exceptional performance.

    We’ve created a model that enables us to establish a more resilient and integrated business for the consumers we serve by challenging standard IT manufacturing and organisational strategy. A commitment to openness, transparency, and simplicity aids in addressing developing multifaceted risks while removing the prevalent vendor lock-in seen elsewhere.

    IT leaders who are cognizant of the difficulties posed by proprietary technologies, rising cloud and energy costs, and widening skills gaps are aware that addressing these issues requires a comprehensive strategy that can only be achieved by an integrated technology business.

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