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    Cutting Costs without Cutting Corners: The Benefits of Efficient IVR Systems in Banking and Utilities

    We live in a world where customer service is very, very important. If someone leaves your business feeling dissatisfied, you can be sure they’ll discuss it on social media. And, brand loyalty is not a thing anymore.  So, if you upset your patrons, they will make their way to your competitor. After slagging you off on Twitter (or X, as it’s called now), of course. Impeccable customer...

    NEA Launching Pilot Projects to Propel China’s Biodiesel Production and Consumption

    China's National Energy Administration (NEA) has detailed its plans to roll out a series of pilot projects. According to Reuters, these projects promote the production and consumption of biodiesel. This initiative is part of the country's long-standing strategy of positioning itself as a leading force in sustainable energy. With these projects, it hopes to close the gap with other major economies.  The NEA's plan calls on...

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