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    Escalating Cybersecurity Concerns: JAXA and JAE Among Japanese Organisations Hit by Cyberattacks

    Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) was recently hit by a cyberattack. The incident was announced in a statement by a government representative during a briefing on 29th November. Sources within JAXA confirmed that the attack targeted the agency's network server to invade its mission-critical system. The threat actors behind the incident are yet to claim responsibility. JAXA refused to elaborate on details of the attack. However, it assured...

    Unveiling the Future of 3D Mapping

    Ever since we’ve imagined the concept of robotics, the dream has always been to develop intelligent machines.  Ones that seamlessly navigate our world.  Ones that help with daily tasks and streamline industries. Now that we do have them, we’ve put them to good use. One of the things robots help us with is carrying out tasks in the physical world. That means moving around autonomously, without crashing...

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