Techfrederick’s Aspire Training Program Receives State’s Largest Earn Grant

    techfrederick, a non-profit coalition of local high-tech enterprises, has just received its sixth round of funding from the Department of Labor, totaling $439,225, its highest single grant to date.

    Since its start, the Aspire Training programme at techfrederick has been granted more than $1.5 million in grant monies through this initiative to provide high-quality, high-tech training to local tech workers looking to update their occupational skills.

    After successfully adapting to the pandemic, techfrederick’s Aspire programme delivered continued success in 2021 and through July 2022, including: 17 training sessions to the local business community, covering topics ranging from cloud-based web service software to business strategy to project management and more.

    17 training sessions to the local business community, covering topics ranging from cloud-based web service software to business strategy to project management and more; 17 training sessions to the local business community.

    Participation of 294 individual employees in training classes identified as necessary by the business community through a needs assessment survey Content which supported the attendees on pathways to various technical certifications and additional responsibilities in their roles Increased retention for businesses by enhancing the skills of their employees

    The successful community partnership of techfrederick, combined with funding from the Maryland State Department of Labor, has helped to create a local hub where tech organisations can find assistance with upskilling, earning industry-specific certifications, assuming additional responsibilities in their roles, and making community connections with others in their field.

    “We are thrilled to continue supporting techfrederick through our nationally-recognized EARN Maryland programme,” said Tiffany P. Robinson, secretary of the Maryland Department of Labor. Through such programmes, we will continue to build a highly-skilled workforce that aids the expansion of Maryland employers.

    Employers and employees have found the subsidised training programmes to be beneficial to their operations.

    “As a manager of information technology, I wear many hats. The training provided by techfrederick enables me to keep my organisation technologically competitive. 100 percent of what I have learnt has been deployed into production, and sixty percent of the company has been moved to a cloud-based platform.

    Without techfrederick, this would have been impossible. Additionally, the savings had a significant impact on my capacity to attend. If I had to pay full price for the numerous courses I’ve attended, the company would have sought an outside contractor to execute the necessary work, leaving me without the required experience.

    Not only has techfrederick assisted in the evolution of my firm’s IT infrastructure, but it has also provided me with additional experience and knowledge, making me a great company asset,” remarked Pierre Lestaevel, IT Manager, ACDi, a Maryland-based electronics manufacturer. Lesteaevel has participated in numerous training programmes, including AWS and Azure.

    This year, I joined techfrederick and was happy to discover their grant-funded course opportunities. In just a few months, I’ve been able to take classes in AWS, React, and project management in preparation for re-entering the workforce.

    Taking them would have been prohibitively expensive without their applicability to the positions I’m seeking. Jamie R., a Frederick-based tech job seeker, said, “I definitely suggest techfrederick and look forward to exploring future chances with this pleasant group of experts.”

    “The training resources provided by techfrederick have assisted my little staff tremendously.” My team members and I have completed classes in Agile Leading SAFe and Microsoft Azure for Administration, which have offered much-needed skill sets and knowledge, directly contributing to the success of the project and the career advancement of my team.

    We are lucky to be able to affordably engage in high-quality educational programmes that allow us to train the entire workforce.

    techfrederick has gone above and above in linking us to the necessary resources, making it extremely easy for us. We cannot thank them enough and look forward to learning even more in the future!” BOLAND’s Director of Information Technology is Dan Spruill.

    Techfrederick is a resource for businesses and individuals in the Frederick metropolitan area who require training in the field of technology.

    techfrederick has been established to cultivate all things technological. Through community education and human resource development, entrepreneurial training programmes, and related events, we identify, spotlight, support, raise awareness of, advocate for, and build Frederick’s developing high-tech community.

    What is ASPIRE?

    In collaboration with the Maryland State Department of Labor, techfrederick, a consortium of local IT business leaders, is providing access to training in order to improve occupational skills and promote employability within the IT industry. The top IT companies in the region have teamed up to determine the skills that bright individuals must possess in order to boost their marketability and compete for opportunities in the rapidly expanding technology profession.

    The ASPIRE Training Program is available to any member of the community seeking to expand their tech-related skill set. This programme is for you if you are actively seeking a position or particular training in IT, including but not limited to networking, website building, systems administration, and website application, and you want to improve your professional communication and project management abilities.

    Through the EARN Grant from the Maryland Department of Labor, the ASPIRE Training Program provides specialised instruction on jobs and skill gaps recognised by the IT community.

    EARN Maryland is a state-funded, competitive workforce development grant programme that is industry-led, regionally focused, and employs a tried-and-true strategy to assist businesses build the skilled workforce they need to be competitive. It is adaptable and innovative, designed to ensure that Maryland employers have the skills they need to compete and thrive in the economy of the twenty-first century, which is always evolving.

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