Technical SEO: Why Marketing Teams Need to Talk About it More

    As a web writer with a keen interest in SEO, I frequent certain SEO-centric websites for news and information.

    One of them, Search Engine Journal, recently published an article listing 20 essential technical SEO tools.

    While I’m not really involved in the technical side of SEO, it’s always good to know how my work fits into the greater strategy. So, I read the article.

    (If you’re interested in technical SEO, that article does offer some great tools, so do take a look at it!)

    That got me thinking about a question I encounter sometimes—Why does one need technical SEO? 

    If you give me keywords, I can create content around them. That should be enough, right?


    Technical SEO is just as important. It’s like you coming up with a brilliant UX/UI design for your app but not writing the code because the way it looks should be enough to sell it.

    Both are important. You can’t do away with either. 

    It’s the same with SEO. Both technical and on-page SEO are important. Here’s why a well-rounded SEO strategy is important.

    The Importance of Being Optimised

    Any business that hopes to reach its customers today needs to have an online presence. A website is normally one of the first things you need—even if it has a single page with contact details.

    Of course, anyone can create a website. It’s quite easy.

    The issue arises when it’s time to market it. Social media is a good place to promote your online presence. However, a lot of people search for services they want on a search engine—like Google.

    And, you definitely want to be seen there.

    SEO Is Important for Marketing

    SEO is necessary because that is what tells search engines when to show your website to searchers. And, they might be searching for something that’s not quite a sale for you but it might lead to one in the future.

    The thing is, there’s a difference between selling and marketing. Selling is the act of convincing someone to pay you money for your product or service.

    Marketing, on the other hand, is convincing people they need your product or service—even if they’ve never needed it before.

    So, whilst selling is a part of marketing, it’s not all there is to it. 

    A good technical SEO agency, like Geeky Tech, will be able to help you draft a digital marketing strategy that addresses every aspect of your customers’ needs.

    SEO Helps You Build a Rapport With Your Customers

    The other thing is, when people search for a product or service, chances are they have already decided what they want and who they are likely to buy it from. 

    Marketing is spending time building a relationship with your potential customers. That way, when they are ready to buy, you’re the first name they think of.

    And, how does SEO fit into this?

    Well, since SEO is a part of digital marketing, it involves finding out the questions your potential customers are interested in, answering them, and ensuring that the answers can be found by them.

    If you can give them valuable information when they have a question, they start to think of you as an expert. As an expert, if you continue to give them important information, they start trusting you.

    Once they trust you, they are more than willing to buy from you.

    If an expert who was giving them free advice is selling something, it must be better than the competitors’ product (or service).

    Why Do You Need Technical SEO?

    So, we’ve established that SEO helps your customers find your website. On-page SEO helps by telling Google the questions you’re answering on the page and the information readers could find on there.

    Technical SEO, on the other hand, might have some information about the keyword focus on the page. However, it mainly addresses… well… the technical aspects.

    • Should the page be indexed or not? (You don’t want ALL your pages to show up on search results. At the same time, the pages you do want to display should show up.)
    • Is your site set up properly for crawlers to crawl it? (If it isn’t, all your brilliant content will never be seen by search spiders, and thus, will never show up in search results.)
    • Are your URLs and site markup optimised?
    • Is your website organised logically? (You don’t want important pages to be more than 3 layers deep.)
    • If you migrated your website, did you do it properly, with the right redirects?
    • Speaking of redirects, have they been set up correctly, or do you have pages that hop from A to B to C to D instead of A to D?

    Technical SEO deals with these aspects of optimisation. And, you really need them because no matter what doomsday prophets say, AI might change the way we do SEO but AI will not kill SEO.

    So, there you have it. Technical SEO is essential for your digital marketing. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or trying to sell you something. 


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