The Scholastic Network is Newline Interactive’s Latest Tech Partner

    Newline Interactive is pleased to announce a new partnership with The Scholastic Network, a digital signage and broadcast network.

    The two companies have collaborated to release the Newline Visual Communication Solution powered by TSN app on all interactive flat panel devices manufactured by Newline.

    The Newline Visual Communication Solution, powered by TSN, is a digital broadcast network intended to facilitate unified visual communications in schools and businesses.

    Without the need for a separate media player, the app can be used to broadcast information, announcements, emergency alerts, livestreams, marketing messages, and more to employees, students, and the community directly through a Newline panel.

    “We are thrilled to partner with The Scholastic Network to launch the Newline Visual Communication Solution app powered by TSN,” said Ty Hall, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Newline.

    “With the app, schools and businesses can use a Newline display for all of their digital signage and visual communication needs, without the need for a separate media player, making it easier than ever to broadcast vital and engaging messages to students, employees, the community, and key stakeholders.”

    The CEO of The Scholastic Network, Michael Broyles, adds, “Partnering with Newline Interactive felt natural.” The Scholastic Network is the industry leader in visual communication, whereas Newline is the industry leader in interactive flat panels.

    By collaborating to bring our digital signage platform to schools and businesses through Newline’s award-winning interactive displays, it is beneficial for both companies.”

    Later this year, the Newline Visual Communication Solution powered by TSN app will debut on the Newline Interactive App Store.

    Newline Interactive

    Newline Interactive, headquartered in Allen, Texas, is a leading provider of interactive touch screens and innovative software that boosts productivity and facilitates collaboration.

    Newline Interactive creates products that assist organisations in a variety of vertical markets, such as financial services, education, healthcare, law enforcement, manufacturing, municipalities, and legal services.

    The Scholastic Network

    The Scholastic Network (TSN) is a digital broadcast network that unifies on-campus and off-campus communication to solve schools’ unique communication challenges.

    With The Scholastic Network, district and school leaders can disseminate information on campus, via virtual learning systems, and in the community, all from a single, user-friendly web portal.

    The Scholastic Network is the leader in digital broadcast networks due to its established partnerships in Texas and Florida.

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