Zonar Earns Commendations for Excellence in Customer Service, Along With Stevie Sales and Customer Service Awards

    For the second year in a row, Zonar, the world’s leading provider of smart fleet technology, has been named an award winner in the Business Intelligence Group’s Excellence in Customer Service programme. The award is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to providing excellent service to its transportation clients.

    The Business Intelligence Group‘s 2022 Excellence in Customer Service programme recognises organisations that have an effective client service department and place a premium on customer development. Zonar is named Organization of the Year for its commitment to assisting others and developing long-lasting partnerships with its partners. Zonar’s performance continues to exceed industry standards by providing clients with the tools required to achieve their own success.

    “For many technology companies, customer service and success are just a line item on the organizational chart—but for Zonar, it is a prime opportunity to connect with our customers to build loyal and trusting relationships,” According to Matt Deichman, senior vice president of customer success and information technology at Zonar. “We are proud that our efforts to make our customers feel valued continues to be recognized on an industry level. The customer success team at Zonar recognizes that the work does not end as soon as the contracts are signed. It is about having empathy and understanding that customers’ business and operational success often depends on the reliability of tools and connectivity. This mentality directly impacts customer retention, growth, satisfaction, and ease of adoption for the customer”

    Airlines, Distribution, and Transportation Customer Service Award Winners

    Zonar’s bronze-level achievement in The Stevie Sales and Customer Service programme for Customer Service Department of the Year – Airlines, Distribution, and Transportation is a result of the company’s outstanding contact centre, business development, and devoted sales professionals.

    Zonar has been recognised by Business Intelligence Group’s 2022 Excellence in Customer Service programme for the second consecutive year. Additionally, the Globee Sales and Customer Service Excellence Awards recognised the company as a bronze award recipient last year.

    About Zonar

    Zonar, founded in 2001, is a pioneer in the development of intelligent fleet management systems for the vocational, child, metro transport, and commercial trucking sectors. Zonar’s aim is to improve our clients’ safety, performance, and success by redefining the way breakthrough insights are delivered to commercial fleets worldwide. Zonar accomplishes this by assisting fleets of all sizes in optimising their asset utilisation through solutions that address compliance, efficiency, maintenance, ridership visibility, safety, and tracking. Zonar’s smart fleet solutions are powered by cloud-based services with open APIs that make it simple for fleet owners and managers to remain connected to their fleets and drivers and operators to dispatch. Zonar is headquartered in Seattle and is a subsidiary of Continental Airlines. In addition to its headquarters, Zonar has a Technology Development Facility in downtown Seattle and a distribution centre outside of Atlanta.

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